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5 Sponsorship ideas for Conferences & Tradeshows

Awesome Sponsorship Ideas for Conferences & Trade Shows that work!


One thing is for sure, today’s event landscape is always changing and evolving.  After working with some of the top Event agencies in the business, we have a good awareness of what works and what doesn’t work so well.

When you exhibit at a trade show, you put out a lot of time, effort and money, so it’s important to maximize a return on that investment.  Regardless of whether you have a large trade show budget or a small one, the below marketing ideas are a terrific way to extend your reach, be top of mind and create engagement that lasts long after the show. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be clever, creative and memorable.  The key to getting sponsors in return for dollars is the value that they perceive in the sponsorship package. So what are some of the ideas that will interest potential sponsors?

We take a look at 5 sponsorship ideas, which you may want to consider for your next Special event.


1.  Virtual Reality Experiences:

sponsorship ideas for conferences and trade shows nyc-fl-las-vegas

Step into the exciting world of virtual gaming and entertainment with the latest in technology.  The new VR systems are a totally immersive experience where your head and hand movements control the action!  VR is Perfect onsite at your next Special event, put yourself into a Virtual “Job Interview”, “Investor Meeting”, or Corporate role playing scenario.  Or explore outer space, take a tour under water or go for a sky ride in a jet!

While you are playing the game through our Hi tech headset, the other guests & attendees can watch the action on a large overhead LED screen.  See and feel the games in a totally new, immersive experience- right at your special event.  Choose from many games and experiences that will allow you to discover this 3 dimensional virtual world.

This sponsorship opportunity can be fully branded with client signage and logos while registering each participant and generating new leads.   Your guests & clients will have high recall and definitely remember who brought them this very exciting  experience…and share with their colleagues!

2.   Headshots & Portraits taken in a Pop-up Photo Studio:

Headshot Photo Booth at Conferences, Trade shows and Exhibitions

Drive traffic to your trade show exhibition booth with a Digital Headshot Photo Lounge providing complimentary headshots taken immediately onsite.  A fresh, updated headshot gives your guests the online presence necessary in today’s business world to get ahead. It’s a great business tool that they can employ right away and receive their photos taken with a professional photographer.  They retrieve their best selected looks & headshots from an a custom branded Micro-site that can be fully customized with company logos & branding. The participants can also receive their photos via email directly onsite.

Additionally, it serves as a great lead generation tool collecting valuable registration information such as name, email, title, company and even quick surveys from participants. The headshots are complimentary provided by sponsor and offer a practical solution that every professional can use for their careers that directly benefits your brand- both during and post event.


3.   Branded Photo Activations including Green Screen

sponsorship ideas for conferences

Photo & Video Entertainment can be used at your exhibition booth to take photos of guests and super-impose their images on unique, custom backgrounds relevant to your event theme or Brand.  Chroma Key technology uses various background themes that can include Around the world, News magazine, Hollywood, Step and repeat red carpet, Cityscapes, Beach scenes or customized to your event.

Green Screen Photography & Video is an excellent choice for creating a buzz and post event activity. Attract visitors to your booth with a promotional instant printed photo favor, animated GIF image or video upload which can immediately be shared on social media networks extending your brand awareness in post event activity.


4.  Social Media Marketing with onsite photo & Animated GIF sharing

photo booth rental nj-ny-ct hashtag printing station

Upload event photography images immediately taken onsite at your event directly to email, text or social media networks fully branded with company logos and unique event hashtag.  Perfect for extending event awareness and also compliments traditional marketing methods before, during and after the show.

Create contests, new product sneak peaks and offer promotional coupons to registered attendees who follow your event in real time.  Also offer exclusive interviews and content only accessed via selected social media channels.  By utilizing these techniques, you can effectively market to younger demographics and be on the cutting edge using latest social platforms and side step ahead of your competition.


5. WiFi Sponsor

Wifi Sponsorships critical for accessing your conference mobile app, or tweeting about your event.

To bring greater value for Wifi sponsor, the User ID and password should be named after the sponsor and their products. For example, you could name the User ID as “Coca-Cola” and the Password as “Coke-Zero” if Coca Cola were to sponsor the Wifi connection and want to promote Coke Zero to the conference delegates.  The number of times conference delegates enter the ID and password would be equivalent to the number of brand impressions that they would have over the sponsor, which can easily be tracked at the backend.  If you need, you can also set a session time-out after 1-2 hours, so that there is a need to re-key in the ID and password for increased brand recall.


We hope you enjoyed learning about these opportunities that can be easily executed at various budget levels.  Please contact us to learn how we can make the above sponsorship ideas come to life at your Convention, Conference and Trade Shows providing Nation-wide service.



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