Social Promise Fundraiser using Experiential Photography

Social Promise African Adventure Fundraiser in NYC!

We had an amazing time at Social Promise’s 2016 African Adventure Fundraiser at Temple Israel NYC.   NextGen Event Co. partnered with Social Promise to deliver an exciting onsite, experiential activation where we encouraged guests to dress in African-made clothing and have their photos taken in various Uganda backgrounds using Green Screen technology.  The activation included Instant printed photo favors and photo uploads using our social media kiosk.

fundraising photo booth in NYC

Some information about this awesome organization making a difference:

Social Promise is a small, volunteer run nonprofit organization that raises money to support a hospital and orphanage in Gulu, Uganda. Social Promise seeks to encourage people in our own communities to support these vital efforts and promote philanthropy and volunteerism in our children.


Fundraiser Photo Booth using Green Screen for Social Promise Event in NYC


The African Adventure meets their vision of a world in which a new generation is inspired to help others by providing children with an avenue to think creatively about both current problems and changing the future. We have created a unique, immersive hands-on experience designed to teach US children (and their families) about what life is like in rural Uganda, without ever leaving New York City.




Such a resource helps children understand and learn early on what it is like to live as a child in a less privileged part of the world – one that most US children don’t have the opportunity to visit at such an early age. Children are exposed to real-life issues that many face such as disease, malnutrition, and illiteracy – yet at the same time learn about the constructive and positive aspects and developments of present-day life in Uganda. By sharing our drive and experiences with the next generation of philanthropists and volunteers, we too can be part of the movement that helps reverse the cycle of extreme poverty.


fundraising photo booth in NYCThis year’s activities include:

* African mask making

* Make your own flip-flops

* A visit to Lacor Hospital to learn about malaria

* Engineering creative ways to use water bottles

* Dressing up in traditional Ugandan clothing in NextGen Green Screen Photo Booth

* Mixing popular spices to create a special recipe

* An animal safari adventure

and much, MUCH more!

Charity Photo Booth NYC


It was a pleasure to participate in the Social Promise African Adventure event in NYC.  Make sure to make a donation to their charity here.

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