Integrate Social Media “Best Practices” into your Next Special Event

How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Next Event

The trade show and events industry is on a roll, generating $100 billion in revenue in the US alone. The industry has been growing year on year with the introduction of new event technologies, and also social media, which has played a major role in attracting and engaging attendees at events.

With Facebook generating 4 million “likes” every single minute, and Twitter boasting around 500 million tweets every day, the importance of social media for event marketing is today more crucial than ever. Whether you are a startup or a multinational brand, social media has the power to hugely impact your marketing efforts. Event planners are turning to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat to advertise and market their events and establish a strong relationship with millions of potential attendees.

With this in mind, Maximillion decided to create a fun visual interpretation of how you can use the powers of social media to effectively market your events.


event marketing infographic
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