The Instagram Photo Booth

Instagram Photo Booth rising in popularity for 2015:

The Hashtag revolution has already begun and your friends, family and guests already use Instagram to upload over 40+ million photos a day! That’s a ton of pixels!

Introducing our NEW Instagram Hashtag Printing Station, which harnesses the power of Instagram & Twitter photos, powered by you! Anyone with a smartphone can upload photos using your own unique #EventHashtag customized to your event.

We think hashtags help bring people together…Friends with family, brands with consumers, communities with their members, events with their attendees. Hashtags give people a central way to communicate, discuss, comment, engage and to talk about you.  Through instagram, you get a beautiful snapshot of your event, updated in real time, viewable at any time.

More and more weddings are using Instagram Hashtag Printing Stations to display uploaded photos that allow their guests to instantly print them with custom branded templates right on the spot.

You now can be a “Second shooter” photographer for the Bride & Groom with just a smart phone!  Hashtag Printing station instantly prints your work in a matter of seconds.

Contact us for a quote and to check date availabilities for your wedding, corporate event or social gathering!

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