Green Screen Photo Favors at your Mitzvah!

3 ways to make your Bar-Bat Mitzvah a HUGE SUCCESS using Green Screen Photo Favors!


Based on the popularity of Photo-Entertainment services at birthday parties, Bar-Bat-B’Nai Mitzvah’s over the past year, we’d love to share some ideas on how to enhance your event and make your celebration one to remember through social media.

Bar-Bat Mitzvah ideas:

1)  Green Screen Photo Favors:  Green Screen Photography is the ability to super-impose background images into photos using special chroma key technology that takes out only the green in the photos, replacing it with your selected background image.   If you have a specific theme like Sports, Beach, or “Around the World”, there are great ways to put the guest in different backgrounds and create excitement through photography.  Contact us for a FAST QUOTE and to receive FREE Photo Frames with your Photo Booth Rental!  We save you $150 on photo frames when renting our popular Green Screen Mitzvah photo package- everything is included!

Green Screen Photo favors Photo Booth Bar-Bat Mitzvah NY-NJ

2)  Instant Social Photo Sharing on Instagram:  Share your photos immediately on-site through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Social Photo Sharing runs via an internet connection from the mobile photo studio or booth as you take your photos.  After the photo is taken, your guests can retrieve and share with friends and family immediately through a Photo sharing kiosk situated away from the booth, which manages the foot traffic to keep the lines moving smoothly.  Instant Gratification for all!

3)  Video Guest Album & Social Sharing (Video Guest Sign-in):  Captures short video messages left by guests to host within the booth that is later shared online to the host or in a private shared gallery.  There can be a video montage of clips/ messages presented to the host comprised of all the messages taken at the event, providing for a unique and multi-media experience to capture all the moments of your special day!

Contact us to make your Special Event an AMAZING Experience!

Green screen Bat Mitzvah-Green screen Bar mitzvah photo booth

green screen bar mitzvah photo booth-bat mitzvah green screen

How do I select the right Booth or Mobile Photo Studio for my Bar-Bat Mitzvah?  Depending upon how much space you have at your venue, the mobile photo studio setup generally requires about a 10 x10 area situated preferably in a corner of the venue to control foot traffic.  The Green Screen Photo Booth setup usually needs only about an 8×8  area to work with and is a bit more compatible for a smaller space.  It’s always wise to check in with your venue first about loading instructions and to see where the setup will be arranged and how much space they have to provide.   Party Props can be customized for your event:  A Baseball theme can have blow up plastic bats, Beach theme has cardboard surf boards to use in shot, or Princess theme can have magical castle backgrounds.

Green Screen Photo Favor Shark Bite Green Screen Photo Booth

At the end of the day, Photo Entertainment Photography will be the hit at your Bar/Bat Mitzvah and will offer long lasting memories of your special event.  You can negotiate a package deal or hourly price for your service that can include on-site prints, social sharing &  digital photo gallery. There are also add-ons to consider like Scrapbook Album setup, Personalized Photo folios and so much more…

Contact us to receive a Fast Quote on your Photo Booth Rental and to check date availability!

Bar Mitzvah Green-screen-photo-booth-bar-bat-mitzvah-nyc


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